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5 Ways to Spend Your Ngabuburit

The view during Iftar at our Rooftop

"Ngabuburit is an activity that is usually carried out while waiting for the time to break fast. After a hard-working day, Ngabuburit is a relaxing routine with a variety of activities. Here are some fun ideas to spend your Ngabuburit during this Ramadan month!"

1. Help your parents clean the house!

Ramadan month is usually the time for blessings, be it received by yourselves or given to those around you. What better way to start by giving your loved ones a helping hand. Help your parents clean the house or help them prep a traditional home-cooked meal for Iftar and Sahur. No time to cook? Help out by ordering a delicious meal from Cecemuwe on Go-Food.

2. Find your peace, piece-by-piece with Cloudy Fields Puzzles!

Want to keep your mind off food and other temptations? Challenge yourself with a puzzle! Cloudy Fields puzzle is a perfect way to spend Ngabuburit, either by yourself or with your loved ones. Can't finish in one day? No problem! It makes a great daily Ngabuburit activity, and you can always move on to their next puzzle when you're done. Make your Ngabuburit exciting and creative, piece-by-piece. Cloudy Fields puzzles are available for purchase at Cecemuwe.

3. Ngabubu-Ride

Search for adventure outside while waiting to break your fast with friends and have a ride across the city (or your residential areas) with your fave motorbike! It's a great way to foster togetherness and friendship during Ramadan. End the ride with a Bukber: have a hot coffee and a wholesome meal at a friend's house or your favorite cafe. Don't forget to ride responsibly!

4. Watch your favorite series (or rewatch a childhood one)!

Arriving home is such a blessing, especially after battling an intense day at work and pre-Iftar traffic! Once you've settled in your own room, re-open your laptop and relax with Netflix (or other streaming services) and find a show to take your mind off things! You can catch up on your fave anime like Attack on Titans or rewatch old classics like Avatar the Last Airbender. Before you know it, Iftar is already here.

5. Hanging Out at a Cafe with Friends.

Cafe time during Ramadan is usually for Ngabuburit and Bukber with friends! You can spend your time here at Cecemuwe and book our indoor and outdoor private spaces for you and friends to enjoy! Book our spaces an hour early so you can catch up with conversation and games, then try our new Ramadan Menu for Iftar, served with free takjil and Iced Tea.

Don't forget to plan ahead! We wish all of you a blessed month of Ramadan!

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