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8 Steps to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

First time planning a bridal shower? Don't know what to do? We've got you covered!

A Bridal Shower is the perfect celebration to show that you're the best bridesmaids a bride-to-be could ever have! Not only it will unite friends and family prior to the big day, but it's also a fun way to be fancy, elegant, and crazy – if you plan it accordingly .

Here at Cecemuwe, our experienced team have curated a guideline for you to plan a wholesome Shower for your beloved bride-to-be. Here’s how you plan THE PERFECT Bridal Shower:


First things first, budgeting! Because everyone is chipping in, it's important to set a maximum budget per person. Figuring out the budget will make it easier to make your next decisions. So, huddle up, ladies!


Whew! Now that you've set the budget, it’s time to set the theme! Discuss with the other bridesmaids which theme will fit the event. Keep in mind, the theme should be practical and fun! Take into account your bride-to-be's personality when you decide the theme. If she likes it girly and fancy, set up a do at a fine dining establishment, followed by a girl's night out. If she likes it intimate and cute - an outdoor picnic theme will be a great idea! If she likes adventures and the great outdoors, you can opt for a short hike and hire a photographer for a photo session with the gals.


Location, location, location! It's very crucial as it determines the vibe of the event. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, choose a venue that is easily accessible for both the bride-to-be and the attendees, especially if you're tight on time. If you're looking for an outdoor option in the city, do check out our very own Rooftop where you can set up a nice, quiet picnic with a view of downtown.


The perfect décor for a Bridal Shower should complement the theme: make it fabulous and Instagram-able! Ladies, we know you like to take pictures, so make it count!

Set up a colour theme for the décor and prepare props that play into your theme and location. Keep in mind, some venues do offer their own décor, but it won’t hurt if you prepare some of your own to add a personal touch!

Some key décor recommendations for any theme should include:

o Signage - a personalized signage really makes the event yours. Make a catchy slogan with the bride's name and have it displayed at the venue.

o Flowers / Balloons - a flower or balloon bouquet for decoration fills up the space, and can be taken home by attendees afterwards.

o Stationeries - tell your friends how much you appreciate their presence with personal touches like hand-written place cards and custom stationeries for the event. Get creative with your materials, but don’t go off theme, and remember your color scheme!


Delicious food and refreshing drinks is essential for the perfect Bridal Shower. Have color-coordinated cupcakes for a wholesome and aesthetic vibe. Want to spice up the drinks menu? Have the bartender whip up special cocktails for the occasion and name it after the bride.

PS: don’t forget to drink responsibly or assign a designated driver!


Now that the theme, venue, and delicacies are set, it’s time to add some fun activities to your rundown! First, the quiz. Quiz your bride-to-be on how well she knows her groom. Don't forget to work with the groom for questions, because he's the one with the answers. Once you're done testing the bride, have everyone join in with games such as “Never Have I Ever" or something less scandalous, like a cupcake frosting competition. Make sure you have varieties that fit your list of invitees.


It may seem insignificant, but every event won't be complete without a little music. Make a personalized playlist filled with your bride-to-be favorite songs, or ones that are filled with great memories of the gang. It will light up the party pretty quickly!


Make sure your bride-to-be knows how much her friends love her. Our tip is to give something of sentimental value, like a personalized letter, photo collage or a commissioned artwork she can display in her future home.

At the end of the day, seeing smiles and happiness radiating off of your bride-to-be, friends and family is what makes the perfect bridal shower. Make it easy for everyone by being organized!

Our team at Cecemuwe can help you consult and organize your Bridal Shower at our venue, so check out our Bridal Shower Package here at Cecemuwe Café and Space here!

Remember, ladies, plan ahead! Team work makes the dream work!

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