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Welcoming 2020 to Cecemuwe!

Our dearest friends and patrons, happy new year! Thank you for your support and input for the past five months since our opening, we strive to continually improve and we will continue along that path in 2020. Next year, please stay tuned for more wholesome events, delicious new menus and personalized experiences with Cecemuwe!

Please look forward to our improved social media plan, which will include more informative content about our food and drinks and more interaction with our wonderful team, who are continuously working to create a better end-to-end experience for our customers.

On a side note, we'd like to inform you that we will be closed for a day on Wednesday, the 1st of January. We will be back to serve you on Thursday, the 2nd of January!

See you next year, and we hope have a wonderful new year's eve with your loved one. Our team can't wait to give you a warm Cecemuwelcome next year.

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