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Cecemuwe - Seasons of Love Playlist

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

How do you celebrate the day?

For most, the romantics --- the day is meant to be celebrated with your special someone, be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or the “just a friend”. Valentine’s Day is for sharing, with a romantic dinner-date and a sweet gift-giving on the side being the staple celebration for the day. Nowadays, a simple Netflix session would suffice… with some chilling on the side.

For some, the skeptics --- it means absolutely nothing. On Valentine's day, you choose to just get on with your lives and be done with it. Your idea of celebrating Valentine's day sufficiently is buying your loved ones chocolates from the mini market, writing a “thoughtful” message on a piece of post-it, giving it to them, and calling it a day.

For Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation –- the day is meant to be celebrated with her girl best friends, she called it “The Galentine’s Day”, no boys allowed. Just girls being girls, having fun, sipping and spilling tea, play games, and more gifts giving! Remember, your loved ones isn't limited to a special someone.

For the Unique haters --- one reason or another you hate Valentine's day with a passion. It's also okay, we understand. You don't need grand acts, public display of affection, or Valentine's day to show the people important to you that you love them.

Except for the ones who actually care enough to hate the day, whichever group you fall into -- the romantics, skeptics, or even the Leslie Knopes, there’s one common thread between all of you: Gifts-Giving.

Even when you are one of the skeptics, those chocolates that you buy from the mini-market to just “participate” a little on the day, without you knowing, it can and will make somebody’s day 10x better. Even the skeptics know how to gift and give a little love, way to go!

At Cecemuwe, we’re always here for the love and gifts-giving! Since Valentine’s day this year would most likely be celebrated differently (and virtually), our Valentine’s day gift for you all will be in a form of Music!

We’ve compiled some of our favorite love songs into one playlist for you. From the hopelessly romantic The Beatles, the underrated Disney jam, to the 80s, 90s, and 00s love classics , there’s going to be a little something for everyone here.

We hope that this “Seasons of Love” playlist will bring you love and joy, whether you’re spending the Valentine’s day with your special someone or just alone in your room singing along to your favorite love tunes.

So, what does Valentine’s Day mean for us? It is just another day to share our love and care for everyone, because every day should be a day to love others!

How do we choose to spend the day? With allll of you, of course! At our lovely space!

Come by and have a nice little time with us, friends!

We definitely love you all!

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