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General Rules for Pets at Cecemuwe

Our guests, Yukiko and Zara chilling with their leashes on.

Hi everyone!

You know how much we love having our furry friends, both dogs and cats (and others), at Cecemuwe. However, we would like to remind you about a few general rules at our pet-friendly venue:

  1. Please make sure your pet is potty-trained, or wearing a diaper. If you need pee pads, let us know in advance and we'll have one prepared.

  2. If your pet has an "accident", please clean up after them and let our team know so we can spray deodorizer. Please dispose of the waste in our bathroom waste bin.

  3. To keep your pets safe, please keep your pet on a leash and under supervision.

We've had a few unfortunate incidents recently involving pets being kept off-leash and the belongings of other guests (and on one incident, the leg of another guest), so we will be strictly enforcing our rules. If your pets are off-leash, not potty-trained and causing discomfort to others, we will have to ask you to leave.

Thank you for abiding by these rules, we hope to keep the space comfortable and safe for you and your pets. All of our indoor and outdoor spaces are pet-friendly, including our event spaces, so you can hold private events with your pet. For private events at our rooftop, workshop or meeting room, leashes are optional, though all the other rules still apply.

Click here for more information, or WhatsApp us to book a table :)

See you at Cecemuwe, your favorite pet-friendly cafe in South Jakarta!


Jl. Hang Jebat IX No. 6

Kebayoran Baru

Jakarta Selatan, 12120


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