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Liquid Snack for Cat, Now Available.

Russell the Cat hosting his birthday bash at Cecemuwe.

We heard you when you asked for snack equality between the dogs and the cats at Cecemuwe!

We've started stocking Me-O liquid snack in Crab Flavor, so if you're here with your kitties, go ahead and ask at the counter. They're available at 8.000 IDR apiece.

Why Crab? We rotated a few flavors for a month between our cats, and crab seems to be the unanimous favorite between our cats.

We might stock up more flavors in the future. In the meantime, if you have any more snacks you'd like us to stock, please comment below so we can take them into consideration.

Looking forward to seeing more cats at Cecemuwe. Hope you all have a purrfect week ahead!

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