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Go Eco! Bazaar

As a sustainability-driven space, we were enthusiastic to hold our very first Eco Bazaar in collaboration with Jakarta Greenere! We featured various local brands with eco-friendly practices including Kertasbykarls, Mana, Hexagon, Molona, Althea, WarNa, Navakara, Dimanja Bumi, Cottonika and Samala. Our picturesque rooftop and array of hydroponics made it a refreshing spot to hold an eco bazaar. 

The refreshing morning began with NAvakara’s “Do You Know Your Plastics” Workshop. As consumers, we are exposed to various types of plastics in our daily life, making us accustomed and dependent on using plastic. NAvakara taught us which plastics are the most dangerous for the environment, where do they come from, and where does it go after it is disposed. We realized that in order to change our daily habits, we should first be aware of how our plastic consumption can affect the environment. 

 As the morning turns into noon, we continued with our second workshop of the day, Molona’s Organic Soap Making Workshop. Did you know that your day to day wastage such as coffee grounds and used milk cartons could be used to make organic soap? As a coffee shop, we are enthusiastic to learn how to create a new product from our everyday wastage. Not only that, but the PH of Molona’s organic soap is suitable for all types of skin therefore it will not make your skin dry. We just love a responsible soap!

At Cecemuwe’s rooftop, our bazaar features differing products that promotes sustainability. Starting from homemade notebooks created using recycled paper and handwoven binders, organic soap built from everyday wastage, jewellery designed from recycled materials, water bottles, essential oils, metal straws, and a collection of beautifully woven fabrics. From our vendors, we learned how to recycle daily materials and start our journey to reduce our carbon footprints. Because we truly love our planet, we are willing to take the extra effort to save it.

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