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It's gingerbread season!

It's time to warm our hearts and souls for the most wonderful time of the year!

Today, we'd like to introduce the our new seasonal special: Gingerbread Latte!

This heartwarming drink is made from scratch by brewing together organic palm sugar, freshly chopped ginger and lemon grass, a cup of fresh milk, and 100% Arabica.

Available hot or cold, with or without coffee, our Gingerbread Latte will bring a holly-jolly spirit to your holiday season this year!

Personally, in this pandemic season, we prefer the hot versions of our Gingerbread Milk & Gingerbread Latte, but our hot tropical afternoons do often call for cold drinks. Either way, we hope you enjoy a soothing day with a cup of this creamy and sweet goodness with your loved ones.

Plus, we know one glass is not enough, so you can also get bottled versions of our Gingerbread Latte as part of our Christmas Hampers!

Happy holidays!

PS: Don't worry, friends, no gingerbread men were harmed during the making of this heartwarming drink.



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