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Top 10 Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas

"If you could get any gift under IDR 250k, what do you want?" Last week, we asked some of our staff, friends and patrons this question. Here are our favorites: 10 useful, affordable and readily available gifts you never knew you needed.

1. Amazon prime subscription and a bag of popcorn.

"I've been spending a lot of time at home and watching a lot of series. It'd be nice to be gifted another subscription so I can watch series that are unavailable on Netflix. It'd be even better if the gift also includes the snacks to keep my movie nights company."

- Cahaya, 27, Stage Designer.

2. A nice pair of socks.

"I like socks: fancy socks, no-show socks, dress socks, sports socks and more. You can never have enough socks. Also, my socks keep stretching. Or are my feet shrinking? I have no idea, but I need more socks."

- Dicky Heryanto, 29, Creative Marketing at Cecemuwe Café & Space.

3. Classic Christmas albums.

"I want to relive the festivity of my childhood Christmases with some classic Christmas music. I still have to work through the holidays, so having Christmas music in the background would help keep the vibes jolly. I prefer physical copies of the albums, but I'll settle for an iTunes gift card."

- Bernardus Bagus, 30, Video Editor.

4. Christmas cakes, cereals, and all things sweet.

"Christmas isn't complete without a feast, especially for a sweet tooth like me. If anyone sends me enough cakes, imported cereals, or delicious fudgy brownies from Cecemuwe Cafe & Space to last through the new year, I'll be happy. No, my boss didn't make me write that."

- Ivan Joshua, 30, Community Manager at Cecemuwe Café & Space.

5. Air fresheners (or a curated Spotify playlist).

"I want an air freshener to keep my room smelling fresh. Specifically the ones from KYRO. Not only it is made from all-natural ingredient, I also happen to sell them. So, you know, you'd be giving me a gift AND helping my livelihood at the same time. If not, a curated Spotify playlist for exercise would be nice. It's always nice to know someone made the playlist specifically with me in mind."

- Caroline Putri, 31, Brand & Marketing Manager at KYRO

6. A notebook.

"I like doodling things or sketching new concepts to experiment with at work. Having a small notebook that can fit in a small purse me will help me memorize things that I'd otherwise forget, especially since I can carry it everywhere."

- Marsela, 21, Junior Barista at Cecemuwe Café & Space.

7. Locally published design books.

"I want to see the design process of branding agencies because I need inspiration for my next ventures. On my current list is Thinking Room's Conjunglyph (2019). It's written by a local design agency, so it's also relatively affordable and available."

- Philbert, 30, Entrepreneur.

8. A massage at home.

"Please gift me an at-home session or two with my usual massage therapist. Work has been tiring lately and I have massive knots in my back. Is it age? I'm in pain after sitting down for ten hours straight and a massage is cheaper than a good ergonomic chair."

- Cai, 38, Copywriter

9. Screwdriver kit for glasses.

"My glasses keep coming loose. It'd save me a lot of time (and the shame of wearing glasses held together by tape) if I could just tighten the screws myself before they pop off."

- Monica, 27, person whose glasses break twice a year.

10. Just cash.

"The prolonged pandemic hasn't been great for hospitality industries, both big and small, so it would really help to just receive some cash."

- Ivan Pratama, 33, Coffee Entrepreneur & Consultant.

Feel inspired yet? Hope these simple and failsafe ideas helped you with your gifts this season! We assure you, these gifts are gifts that keep on giving.

If you have more ideas for holiday gifts, feel free to chime in in the comment section down below. Happy gift hunting, friends!

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