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A Safe Meeting Space in South Jakarta

Looking for a safe, airy and comfortable meeting place in Kebayoran Baru? We've got the perfect room for you!

With our 4-person, garden-view private room, your group can enjoy a productive meeting or an intimate meal. There's also a TV and HDMI cable provided, and a separate wi-fi for this meeting room. Our meeting room has large windows that can be opened, providing plenty of fresh air to keep the circulation healthy. Plus, we've reduced our capacity to maintain social distancing.

Here to work? The room has plenty of plugs, and we can provide more upon request. Here to celebrate a post-COVID reunion? You can do that safely in our meeting room while munching on our chili cheese fries or our chicken alfredo.

Our current rates start at a minimum charge of IDR 590.000++ per three hours, with additional charges for extra hours. Stay comfortable, safe and happy in our meeting room! Book now via email or WhatsApp.

For larger spaces, check out our rooftop offerings, or ask about our workshop space. Don't forget to read our guide on holding events safely, and how we can assist you, while complying with social distancing measures.

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Eliza Bala
10 Nis 2021

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