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#Beertega Event

On Sunday, the 27th of October, Cecemuwe had the pleasure of hosting a special special event, Beertega, a collaboration between Beervana and Bartega. If you don’t already know, Beervana is our current supplier of craft beer! Similar to us, they are passionate about their specialty products and bringing the best crafted brews to Jakarta. As for Bartega, famed for their paint and sip events, they love inviting people to explore creative sides in fun venues around town (like us!)

In the spirit of Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival, Beervana and Bartega decided to come together to launch a #Beertega campaign, where they gave 10 people (and their plus ones) a free paint and sip event, which features Beervana’s beers instead of wine. The 10 participants were chosen through a “design your own craft beer” competition.

After the lucky winners were chosen, the event was held in the late afternoon on our scenic rooftop, allowing the participants to watch the sunset over the tree canopies of nearby parks. Bartega provided the participants with their own canvas and apron, a painting of a mountain view to replicate, as well as all the acrylic paints and brushes they need. The event then commenced with a guide from Bartega who helped the participants with step-by-step painting techniques - starting with the sunset background and continuing with the mountains, lake and trees as the finishing touches.

The participants got to enjoy sipping on craft beer provided by Beervana as they painted - they had the choice of either the Tuatara Weiz Guy Hefeweizer or the Anderson Valley Summer Solstice craft beers (the inspiration for that day’s painting!). Furthermore, they also got to munch on Cecemuwe’s delicious snacks, as we served our classics - our tempe mendoan, fries and onion rings. We hope everyone enjoyed the experience as much as we enjoyed having them! We are looking forward to giving our fellow creative minds another great #Cecemuwelcome in the near future.

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