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Cecemuwe Workshop Series: Hand-Tied Bouquet by Austin & Grace

For our second workshop, we invited our long-time decor partner, Austin & Grace. Having been trained in Australia, her work with both fresh and dried flowers have long been a favorite for event and wedding decor in Jakarta. We're one of her repeat clients, having featured her gorgeous botanical arrangements in our events and picnics.

As we wanted the workshop to be friendly to first timers and people with casual interest in floristry, we held a hand-tied bouquet workshop, which taught the participants basic techniques on picking the right flowers and spinning a bouquet. Grace Tjoe, the owner and trainer at Austin & Grace, carefully selected imported fresh flowers for the event, curating a beautiful palette of soft colours and round, wispy shapes.

The workshop lasted a good four hours, during which the participants had so much fun they postponed lunch. We get it, making a bouquet is fun when you're being taught by a good instructor! Plus, who can resist the aesthetic of a nice, rustic bouquet?

This intimate workshop session was held in our cozy meeting room, facing the riverside park out front. Bathed in daylight, our participants learned through a very hands-on experience, surrounded by flowers from Grace's select partner farms.

Just look at their results! Who could believe that it's their first time making a bouquet? It's safe to say that this flower arrangement workshop was a complete success.

Once finished with their arrangements, we served our workshop lunch set to our participants, who must have been hungry (it was 3 PM!). Time sure passes by quickly when you're having fun.

Follow us on instagram for information on our next workshop, and don't hesitate to contact us if you want to request a specific workshop! We love providing learning spaces for the communities around us :)

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