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Happy Halloweekend!

I'm sure you've all seen our friend, Mr. Spooky, throughout this spectacular Spooktober. He's our friendly, neighborhood ghost. No doubt a less scary kind of ghost compared to the much-discussed ghosting nowadays.

Anyway, we're here to tell you that Mr. Spooky is hosting a wonderful Halloween celebration at Cecemuwe this weekend with a special ALL DAY CRAFT BEER FREE FLOW promo. Yes, you heard us. All day, from 10 AM to 10 PM, supplied with a sweet, hoppy Pale Ale from Western Australia's Little Creatures brewery.

With the trifecta of doom (heavy rain, virus, demonstrations) looming over Jakarta, we'd like to help you take your mind of things for one weekend. Where better than at our hidden gem in Senayan? Accompany your multiple glasses of beer with a few boxes of crisps and golden fried fish, we're here to keep you safe and sane this Halloween weekend.


All Day Halloweekend Craft Beer Free Flow

249K++/Pax for two hours

*additional hours will incur extra charges

* other promos cannot be applied to this promo


What are you waiting for? Book now to get a table, or drop by at any time between 10 AM - 10 PM this Friday and Saturday. We've got a nice, quiet corner of Kebayoran Baru for your to enjoy.

With beer-y much love,

Your friendly neighborhood cafe


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