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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Cecemuwe, South Jakarta’s newest addition to the café scene, seeks to reimagine what defines a café space to its visitors and patrons. Basing its name off a word of Sanskrit origin meaning a joke or a jest shared with friends, we hope you find the space A Wholesome Place, as we do!

Cecemuwe aims to create a flexible option for communities to work, socialise, and relax. The culture we strive to organically build centres itself around treating our patrons like family and providing wholesome, home-like spaces for everyone to enjoy. Similarly, we’ve built our menu and programs through discussions with our team, hoping that Cecemuwe reflects our united front and our diverse interests. From our menu to our special events alongside the services we provide, we hope you grow to love Cecemuwe as we do.

Spanning three floors, the spaces Cecemuwe provides vary greatly in facilities and purpose. As you enter the building, you are greeted by the Foyer, which is programmed for our seasonal installations, changing depending on the cause or theme that we are promoting. We’d like for the space to be an introduction to our team’s personality, whether that be through introducing dynamic installations about things we relate to, or through exhibitions about the cause that Cecemuwe’s team agreed to support.

The Cafe

The Café space directly follows the Foyer. With indoor and outdoor seating alongside a designated smoking room, the floor provides space for everyone to enjoy. Want to grab a bite? We’ve made a selection of sure-to-please unique favorites including Wagyu Hamburg Steak and Coriander Pasta Verde (vegetarian friendly!), as well as local flavours that even your in-laws will love (our killer Nasi Goreng Cabe Ijo).

The space’s flexible nature also reflects in the variety of light bites and drinks. Whether you feel like having a modern interpretation of Tempe “Mendoan”, healthy Umami Wafu Salad, or picky-eater favourite Rainbow Chips, we’ve got something for everyone.

Our house blend, Phat Uncle, is specially provided by ABCD Roasters and is sure to satisfy both casual and hardcore coffee drinkers. To complement the selection, we have single-origin batch brews from coffee farming communities that we’d like to support, as well as special house drinks, including the Dirty Matcha Latte.

We partnered with fair-trade farm Blueboots Farm to source our organic drinks, as well as with local Japanese bakery legend, La Mouette, who supplies our delectable selection of Cake of the Days.

Second Floor

Follow the birds for a bird’s eye view of our bar, and then find our Library and Workshop Space stand alongside the Meeting Room on the second floor.

In our Library alone we host over 100 books on a rotational basis with genres spanning children’s novels to contemporary Asian literature to architectural theory. We also offer a selection of popular magazines, sure to appease every crowd from those interested in modern culture to business to the environment.

Wide tables, comfy seating, and full service from the cafe are sure to be a treat for patrons who seek a quiet space to work in South Jakarta. During our special events, including our upcoming Bullet Journal workshop on the 10th of August, the Library is closed and the Workshop Space fully used. The Meeting Room is a reservation-only space.

Last but not least, as you walk up the end of our staircase, swaths of sunlight greet you warmly into our Rooftop Space. Whether for birthday parties, bridal showers, or other special events, we offer two split areas - a wooden floor deck and a grass terrace. Both offer 360 degree views of Jakarta’s stunning skyline, while dotted with lush greenery and familiar buildings.

If you need further information on our menus and spaces, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As our soft opening has started, our team would love to give you a very warm Cecemuwelcome soon.

Lots of love,

The Cecemuwe Team

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