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Specialty Coffee at Cecemuwe

Have you visited our menu page to see our coffee menu? As some of you may know, we serve both espresso-based coffee as well as batch brew coffee. In both, we do our best to source 100% arabica coffee from local roasters or from roasters that work directly with farms to improve their crop and empower their farmers. As with our ecologically sustainable outlook, we also strive to fight for economic sustainability in the coffee-growing community, among others.

Our espresso blend is handpicked and roasted for us by our friends at ABCD's Roastery, whom some of you may know from their famed revival of Pasar Santa, or from their coffee academy at Cikini. Using a blend of Ethiopian, Gayo and Ijen beans, they've created a balanced brew of creamy, chocolatey, full-bodied coffee.

Our batch brew, whose beans we rotate, are taken from roasters who source single-origin beans from fair-trade farms around Indonesia. We've previously features beans from Wae Rebo and Bajawa, places that are close to our hearts, but we're planning to feature beans from sustainable farming communities in West Java and East Timor soon. Let us know if there are any beans you'd like featured at our place!

In addition to the basics, we've also got a few coffee mocktails brewing! Our baristas have been hard at work researching the perfect flavor to complement our coffee, all using locally sourced herbs and fruits (some of them grown at our home hydroponics!). We try to bring out local flavors and local coffee, because nothing tastes better than taste of home, especially when your "home" has an abundance of natural ingredients.

Come by and try our refreshing coffee beverages such as Sunset Road (ask your barista!) or stick with our more easygoing, mild coffee drinks like Es Kopi Pisang Susu. For our vegan and lactose-intolerant friends, we've got soy and almond milk for your white coffee needs! (We understand your plight.)

On another note, we've recently fixed our second grinder, so we'll be making guest beans available for espresso-based drinks soon! We'll drop the news on instagram once it's ready. Before then, do come by and enjoy a great cup of coffee or two at Cecemuwe!

PS: Don't forget to try our selection of delectable desserts! We promise you won't regret it ;)


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